Olivia Orosco, Class of 2019: Student on Campus Job Spotlight

I work in the Office of Community Service Learning in two capacities; first as a general coordinator and second as the head of Language in Motion (LiM is a program that allows students with international experience to share their culture and language knowledge with students in the Salem-Keizer School District.) My duties as CSL coordinator include planning and facilitating Service Saturday trips for Willamette throughout the year as well as larger events such as the upcoming Community Thanksgiving Feast that Willamette puts on with FUMC. You can sign-up to volunteer here.

For Language in Motion, my job seems ever-evolving, as the program is transitioning into being student-run this year. I, along with three amazing liaisons work to engage everyone from international students to study abroad returnees and coordinate with the community to get students into classrooms and sharing with the community. I often feel that Willamette is this bubble of resources that is insulated from the surrounding community, a community that all students are, in actuality, a part of. The Office of Community Service Learning works to bridge this gap and immerse students in their community, tackling local issues and learning about what being an active citizen in the Salem community entails.

Some of the skills that have been fostered through my jobs within CSL are organization, communication, time management, adaptability and the ability to work as part of team. The positions have developed my sense of self-confidence and belief in myself professionally so that I am capable of successfully seeing ideas and plans through to fruition. To any individual looking to work in a position that allows them the autonomy to create opportunities while maintaining the ability to be part of a larger team and goal, I highly recommend a position within the Office of Community Service Learning. There are all kinds of positions available!

(Originally posted in the Career Services Newsletter)


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