Taku, Daisho, and Chihana: A Recap Of Their Time With The CSL Office

We work in Community Service Learning especially for two working: first we made some plan as a Community Service Learning coordinator and second we are trying to be bridge between Community Service Learning  and American Studies Program because we know about CSL’s activity and great point, also we want to give opportunity that they can learn about American culture, Salem Community and Community Service. If you want to know about American Study Program more, you can ask to CSL coordinator who join american study program. When we are working on those jobs, we could learn a lot and it’s very great experience for our future! We really appreciate that we are here and feel [great working] together.

We have three favorite events that we planned in CSL. One of them is picking up garbage. We did it in july. What we did is we organized picking up garbage in a park with CA living in Kaneko for ASP students because in summer, most of all Willamette students are not here. As a result, we could pick up lots of garbage. Next one is beach clean-up project. We did it at the beginning of fall semester. What we did is we organized cleaning up Oregon beach working with other CSL coordinators. We mainly organized it for ASP students. So, many ASP students participated in this event, some other Willamette students participated as well, and we went there by bus and we cleaned up an Oregon beach.

Last one is Onigiri action. We did it at the end of fall semester. There is an organization which is organizing this event which for every Onigiri photos, 5 school meals will be delivered. We prepared lots of rice and some stuffs to make Onigiri, and advertised it to Willamette students and ASP students using poster, announcement, etc. As a result, we collected 75 pictures and we could [help] deliver 375 school meals for children living in poverty.

We learned a lot from CSL about the Salem community. Salem has many types of organizations to help people who are minority or vulnerable people and to support Salem city. I am proud of the Salem community because I think this city is supported by each person. While we are organizing those events, we learned about how to proceed event. It would be helpful for us to work in our future. We felt again how people [here are] warm.

Thank you Community Service Learning!

Taku Sato, Daisho Kato, and Chihana Imai served as CSL Coordinators for Community Service Learning from March-December, 2016. All three were recognized by the American Studies Program for each contributing over 100 hours of community service during their time here. In addition to their CSL Coordinator roles, Sato participated in the Take a Break program and Kato participated in the Service, Leadership, & Sustainability Jump Start program and Take a Break.

The English Language/American Studies Program offers a custom-designed academic program for sophomores and juniors from Tokyo International University (Kawagoe, Japan). Students participate for either one year (February-December) or for one semester (August-December). Willamette University and Tokyo International University have been sister universities since 1965 and this program, begun in 1989, was created by Willamette and TIU in order to broaden and deepen their educational exchange. Students enroll in both language and liberal arts courses, with all credit transferable to their degree programs at TIU. (http://willamette.edu/cla/catalog/disciplines/e_h/elas/)


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