January 20th Service Recap: MLK Into The Streets

This past Friday, 165 Willamette students chose to spend their afternoons participating in service events across the Salem community, as a means of showing resistance to structural oppression. Groups of students volunteered at 13 organizations for 3 hours, which means that, all together, they contributed a total of 495 hours of service. Two organizations that were volunteered at were the Marion-Polk Food Share and the Willamette Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society.

Students at the Marion-Polk Food Share filled bags with frozen potatoes for emergency food packages, which will be distributed to low income families in the near future. For every student volunteer that worked at Marion-Polk for MLK Into The Streets, 254 families will be receiving a bag of potatoes in their food packages.

At the Bush’s Pasture Park, student volunteers helped the American Rhododendron Society by moving downed wood, renovating gravel trails, and participating in other activities that helped to upkeep the park. The students’ focus was maintaining the beauty of Rhododendron Hillside.

Thank you to all those who chose to volunteer their time for MLK Into The Streets this past Friday, and thank you to the 13 organizations that provided places for the Willamette community to volunteer for this annual event.


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