Service Saturday 2/11 Recap: Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary

This past Saturday, a group of Willamette students volunteered at Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary, an organization that is dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating farm animals that have experienced abuse. They have a variety of animals that they are currently taking care of, from a group of pigs to a flock of geese to Helen the bison. Through having volunteers, Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary hopes that people will begin to view nonhuman animals in a more personable light.

20170211_123227 (2).jpg

During their trip, the Willamette volunteers cleaned out the main barn and filled it with new hay, unloaded a delivery of hay in record time, and cleaned out the chicken coops. They also were able to spend time socializing with the animals, making friends with ones such as Crackerjack the sheep and Willis the goat.

20170211_122059 (2).jpg

After the service portion was over, some of the volunteers discussed how visiting the farm had encouraged them to start looking at where their food was coming from; they didn’t want to unintentionally continue to support those who unfairly treated animals now that they were more aware of the issue. All of the volunteers agreed that the visit, despite involving manual labor, had been therapeutic because of the way the different farm animals had approached them and enjoyed being petted.

If you would like to volunteer with Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary, they invite people to stop by on Wednesdays and Saturdays, 10AM to 1 PM.


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